This is the about page, which you probably already know since you clicked on it.  Anyway, I am Rachel Vincent, the author/administrator/lover of this blog! I am described as fun(ny), kind, and compassionate.  I ran into WordPress while doing Easy-Peasy, a homeschool program described in a different post.  I love blogging, cats, friends, reading, writing, Nancy Drew, and many other things, except this annoying backspace key on my computer. My cat broke it.  🙂

The Blog

This blog is about ( I probably don’t even have to say this) Nancy Drew (but I did it anyway).  It has posts about Nancy Drew, her friends, my writing, and other great books!  I have loved Nancy Drew ever since the first book fell into my hands. Her determination, pretty face, and love of mysteries really caught my attention.  The Nancy Drew blog is devoted to people who love to read, and even those who don’t.



Nancy Drew


55 thoughts on “About

  1. Great blog nancydrewjcrew! I’m almost done with the first book and I fell in love with the series!I love all the posts.Can’t wait to keep reading!!!!!!:):);) lindy s

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  2. thanks for the review. That is great that your reading them. I’m currently on The Mirror Bay Mystery, I will make sure to write more. Thanks again for the comment! Have fun reading.


  3. I don’t know if should post this here but I will anyway.
    On the side bar where it show’s all the resent posts made by other blogers and myself it says “Your Comments” but really -I would like to note- it should say “Resent Comments”, not “Your Commments” I just wanted to tell you that for fucher notice. Umm, I spelled thet wrong but I don’t know how to sell it so… Hey… Why are you looking at me like that? I now hwo to spele! OK, off that subject. I was just wondering if you could change the “Your” to “Resent”. Thenk ue fur reedign tis! – 🙂

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  4. I was on another post and saw that you don’t support homo-sexuality. Why? I only ask because,my best friend is bi-sexual,and my cousin. Thanks!! =)

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  5. Thanks for following me! I’m going to return the favor … it looks like we believe a lot of the same things, and I always like reading about what other people who believe the same stuff as I do … okay, that came out as very weird, but basically, I like meeting people online who believe in God and such. It’s always so amazing!


  6. Hi Rachel, I believe I’ve contacted you through Authors Press’ contact page about two times but received no reply. No matter, I’m here to tell you my message.
    I’ve decided that I can no longer be involved in two blogs because I need to set my priorities right and focus on just one blog. That would make life a lot easier for me. So please do remove me from Authors Press. Hope you understand 😀



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