Top Five Tuesdays…and Stuff (Including BIBC Entry #3)


For this Top Five Tuesday I’m going to tell you my top five girl names!

They are

  1. Delilah
  2. Emerson
  3. Emery
  4. Luna
  5. Amy

Those are my top five girl names! Now, onto the stuff I mentioned!

Okay, first, my BIBPC entry!

The category is: sweet!



The story behind it all:

I thought: what do I have that’s sweet? I couldn’t think of anything! Then someone brought us double chocolate cupcakes. I took a picture! Then, I was like “hey, everyone is doing sweets and candy and chocolate” and I decided: I’m going to be original: I think that peonies have a super sweet smell (even if this oneย  hasn’t opened ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). I had a picture of a peony before it bloomed (a bud) and so I decided to use that as my entry!

Also… I’ve been thinking. I’ve been trying to start a personal blog, but can’t find the right name or theme. I don’t know…I like my blog a lot, and it’s doing really well, but I want something where I can post everything and anything…hmmm.


Ciao for now!




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Black male cat, Joey, 6 months old

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Sorry if some of them became links! Hope you liked them. I’ll add more soon!

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