The Trick or Treat

Happy Fall! *⬅What. A. Fail*

Anyways, guess what!

I created a tag!

The Trick or Treat Tag!

*I love that graphic!*

     The Rules

  • Share the name and link to the blog of the tag’s creator
  •  Thank the bloggers who nominated you and link to their blog!
  • Answer the *fall related* 10 questions the last person asked
  • Nominate up to 10 bloggers with less than 200 followers (if you can!)
  •  Ask your nominees 10 of your own *fall related* questions!

I’m super excited!

I thank myself. For creating this and nominating me 🙆 .

These are the questions you answer!

  1. Will you be dressing up? If so, as what?
  2. What’s your favorite candy?
  3. Share a picture of a colorful leaf or tree!
  4. What is your #OOTS (outfit of the season)
  5. What’s your favorite part of fall and/or Halloween?
  6. What’s something you do in fall that you don’t do at any other time of the year?
  7. School has officially started! What’s your favorite subject (besides recess)?
  8. Share a craft you’ve done this fall!
  9. Is there a special day in fall like a birthday or bloggiversary?
  10. Have you carved jack-o’-lanterns, do you have plans to?

I nominate:

Mary Louise





If you have less than 200 followers, be one of the first four commenters and you will be nominated!!

Have fun doing this new tag!


The Double Scoop Writing nland Photography Challenge-Day Two


Day Dos #spanglish of TDSWPC!!! Let’s do a run through of points and teams!

Volcana Shard

Vogel Stand-No Post

Volcana Shard-No post

Total Points: 8 (since they have one less teammate!)

Mary Louise-yay!


Total points: 36 (they get 8 extra because of less teammates!)




Points: 40

I’m adding a late fee thing. You have five days to post your entry but will have -2 points for being late! 

For now, the prompts!

  1. It stopped. Just like that. She stared at it. What had happened? What had gone wrong?
  2. She stood up, hardly daring to believe it. She was afraid it was a dream, it would fade away. Then, in a just one second, it became a nightmare.

I hope you enjoy using these! Don’t forget to do them! I am seriously kind of dissapointed on this. Thank you Ametistia and Emmie. You guys are awesome. Take some ice cream! All you other people, sugar detox. 😢 Please tell me when you get your post up!


Stay strong, Lily!

We certainly can win. We came in last. It’s oookay. I’m going to do this.

I stare out of my glass prison,

Flapping my wings,

The air, 

The breeze,

Even the fibers of feathers feel,

The urge,

Have you ever dreamed of flying,

The wondrous feeling of the sky,

So close,

But I’m stuck in a tiny glass prison.

(I used the first and second prompts for this poem!

My pictures!

Bonus shot↙↘

150 Followers Celebration




















     150 is a HUGE number!! I remember celebrating nine followers (link to the post) That is just unreal. It seems SOO small, and so long ago!! Ahhh, the good old days when I homeschooled. I would post like every day. 😐 😢 

     So this is awesome. How many people get 150 followers in about two years? Alot, but we won’t mull over that 😜. 
     So in the 149 followers post, I told everyone that I would do a COLLAB with my 150th follower. That amazing person is:





Brooke Jade!!

     She already has 385 followers (can we get her to 400?) 

     Anyway, we have been emailing a bit and the collab post should come out soon!

     Thanks so much, to everyone of my followers!!

     Help me get to 200 and reblog? Rebloggers get a shout-out!!!

     In celebration, I’m doing a question and answer!! Please comment questions down below, up until October 15th. Thanks so much everyone!!

I Have 149 Followers!

Aggh!! I’m so close to 150! That is awesome!

You guys are the bestest ever! Kudos to you. And cookies. And ice cream. And DONUTS!! . EHEM. 

I’m going to be like this, waiting for my next follower!

Ha, okay.

     So here’s what’s gonna happen:

  • I throw a party
  • 150th follower get a COLLAB!
  • All people who share this post get a shout-out and a little review. 

You guys are awesome! Help me get to 150!!

The Double Scoop Writing and Photography Challenge Day One

Hello there, little writers and photographers!

*Entries are still open*

It is time for day one of eight of TDSWPC! 


  1. Vogel Stand
  2. Volcana Shard (Ashley Vye)


  1.  //Kayla Forever *couldn’t find link! What’s your blog url, Kayla!*
  2. Emmie
  3. Ametistia

          1. Cupcakegirl10
          2. Mary Louise

            *Since team Straberry has an extra player, the other two will be given five extra points each*

            *Only one person had pistachio as first choice so I thought I should get rid of it*

            *Mourns death of Team Pistachio*

            Now, the prompts!

            You have exactly one week (till October 10th) to do these! 

            All are self made as well!

            You must do one of these to get points. Read the first TDSWPC post to find all the rules, and how I’ll be judging your entries!

            Nobody knew who I was. Nobody knew what I was.

            *You can change the he to a she if you like, as well as the POV and tense!*

            She stepped into the flames. Unhurt. She knew the way now. 


            Are you excited? I am! 

                 Are you excited? Spread the word! Do you like the prompts?

            Why Writers Write-Explained in Rachelic Fashion GIFs

            Hey there, Peepers! 

            *Whaddya think?*

            So longest title ever?

            (Eeek, are you happy? I’m happy! *Fangirl* I am a GIF addict!)

            So, now that that’s over with, we can begin the post!

            *Darn I spelled what wrong*

            Why We Do What We Do:

            1. We feel POWERFUL!

            We can do anything! Kill anybody! Feed Anybody! Create anybody!

            2. Getting Over Writer’s Block

            This is literally the worst. Every idea is a bad idea

            Like freakin trashy stupid junk pile of nobody wants it. That’s all. Nothing serious.

            And then, the most glorious thing happens: an idea!

            3. You Have Fans

            It’s awesome. Cause when your like:

            (Ha I’ve used this!)

            You guys are like

            4. We Can Tell Everybody to Get Out Cause we’re Writing!

            I’m like “I’m in the moment guys! Shut your mouth!” So polite and everything.

            5. We’re Good at It

                 I love writing cause I can. Nobody can be like “you can’t write” cuz

            Boo ya.

                 Did you like the GIFs? Are you a writer? Do you think these are true, fellow writers? Are you inspired! Tell me!