Diary Entries: Child

Diary Entry 1

Dear Diary,

Bess and George are coming over today! Oh, wait, I didn’t tell you who I am! Well, I am Nancy, Nancy Drew, and I love solving mysteries. Bess and George are my best friends, and they help me solve mysteries! Anyway, daddy said that I could have a sleepover with them today, because then we can talk about our case!  It is the case of the disappearing groceries.  Everyone’s groceries are getting stolen, or misplaced, Mrs. Owens did find her groceries in the dog bed.  Well, I have a lot of facts in my blue notebook, here they are.

The Case of the Missing Groceries


  • Mrs. Benson owns a bakery, and all her bags of flour were stolen
  • The girl scouts are missing a lot of cookies
  • The girl scouts are also having a competition, and whoever wins gets a pretty bike
  • Mrs. Owen found her groceries two days after they went missing
  • Mr. Bentley has a prize winning recipe, and all the ingredients were stolen


Clues and Thoughts

  • Maybe one of the girl scouts is using the recipe to win the bike, and stealing the other girls cookies would give her a bigger chance
  • I am hungry
  • Waffles might be good for breakfast
  • Bess is in girl scouts, maybe she will know about the girls

That’s what I have so far! Well, Bess and George are here!



Diary Entry 2

Dear Diary,

     Our sleepover was really fun! We stayed up until 10:00 p.m. talking and watching a movie about a criminal and the police! I am going to be a detective one day, I just know it! Well, Bess knows the person who won the contest for girl scouts! Ava Windle! Bess told me that Ava kept saying “Winning is in my last name,” and that when Ava had won, she had bragged a lot! Well, today I am going to the girl scouts meeting with Bess, since they are allowed to bring visitors! I am not going to let Ava out of my site!



Diary Entry 3

     I went to girl scouts. A lot of girls were getting badged, and Bess got a community service badge! Ava was their, and she is snobby! She talked about getting a new phone for her birthday, and about her new bike. She is definitely the number one suspect! She probably stole the groceries and bought the stuff. This really nice girl, Amanda, was their. She’s poor, or so it seems, but really nice! She shared her snack with me! She couldn’t be the thief. I told her about it, and she had no idea. It just doesn’t seem to be her!

Diary Entry 4

     More groceries were stolen! This time it was from Mr. James, but their weren’t any clues. I think it was the same person who robbed Mrs. Benson and the girl scouts! Bess said that Ava was eating goldfish for snack. Those were one of the things that were stolen! Also, daddy said that I can invite Amanda over!