Rachel’s Radical Return + The Unveiling

I’mmmmmmmm hoooooooooooommee!

I’ve returned to stay, hopefully for a long time. A VERY long time. Are you excited? Are you? Are you? I’m excited!

It’s time for my radical return (see what I did with the alliteration). You see, you see (I’m becoming a dog, great). But really. I have been gone for over a weekish, yikes. I promised, too, that I would post on Sunday…I think. Guys, get ready for some ultimate piggy power!

BTW, that was an AMAZING movie, guys, you have to see it! Okay, guys. Get ready for some cray-cray news.

1. I’m Making Divider Graphics!

You do know what those are, right? Some people use them a lot so I’ve decided to conform to the ways of the blogosphere. (Not the world, mind you) . So really divider graphics are graphics you use to divide the different subjects of your blog in a post. They are usually something simple like an array of flowers or something. I’m still thinking about what mine will be!

2. I’m Making a New Signature

I never really loved my signature, so I’ll be making a new one somewhat soon. I’ll be using my current one for now, but you must await for my new signature. My blog is turning graphi-y guys. Real graphic-y.

3. I’ll Be Hosting a Little Project Thingamabob

YAY! Note, this is NOT a contest. Ha, noooo. I’ve had few experiences with that. Few but horrible. Like WWII. Okay, not that bad but still, it was bad. I am not telling you about this, but it’s kinda a bloggy personal thingy. 🙂 I’ll be making a graphic (um, duh, that’s expected of you now, Rachel) But seriously, I’m so excited.

4. I Am ALMOST Done With Riley , My Short Story

I am so proud of my little work. I just need to work on double spacing for periods and other punctuation marks. Yes, I will be sharing it, and probably the cover will be posted on my blog’s sidebar, as well as Messy Buns’. Speaking of which leads me tooooo……

5. The Last, But DEFINITLY Not Least, News

Here we are. Almost at the end of the post. I said something about an unveiling, correct? Correct.

*Ha, yes*

Anyway it is; time. For the unveiling, of<


It’s here. I’m sharing it. No, my beautiful followers, I shall not leave Nancy Drew. This new blog shalleth be my personal blog. (I know, your like “I thought this was her personal blog. She tells us all about her failure of a life on here” but no) No, Nancy Drew isn’t a personal blog. It’s a big chunk of  book blog mashed up with a medium size of writer’s blog mashed up with a tiny portion of random blog. Yeah, that’s it. Messy Bun will be everything I want to say. But now, without further ado, Messy Bun:
Messy Bun-Rachel’s newest blog that you will love *envy* and enjoy for years to come.

Click it guys, click it. Here, if you missed it:


Messy Bun-Rachel’s newest blog that you will love *envy* and enjoy for years to come.

One more try:
Messy Bun-Rachel’s newest blog that you will love *envy* and enjoy for years to come.

Okay, I’ll have mercy: Messy Bun-Rachel’s newest blog that you will love *envy* and enjoy for years to come.

Click it now, guys: Click it please. Click all the links, escpecially this one!!!!

*Srsly guys click da last one I’m so wanting to see ur reaction but I can’t cause u know, like computer and stuff. So yeah.*

Okay, guys, tell me what you think about Messy Bun. Again, a reminder how awesome Samantha is for suggesting that name, you won. You are so awesome!!!

Okay, guys, I’m leaving. But

Shall Return - David Bay | Castle Publishing Ltd - Quality books ...

(Do you guys know that story? Look up “I shall return” , it’s a cool story!


Sorry For My Inactiveness!


I just want to apologize for being inactive lately. I’ve just been super busy, what with school and all. I’ve also been writing and reading (I started Keeper of the Lost Cities, YAY! I LOVED IT!) . And, finally, my Harry Potter book became available. I’ve been waiting since January 13. Oh, then I didn’t click “borrow” and now I’m back on the wait list. After about 3 months. Oh, I’m #27 on 1 copy as well. WHY!?!??! I literally cried.

Aside from that, I deleted the WordPress app. Whoo. I am kinda happy about this!

Anyway, I’ll try to post again soon!


The Describe the Days of the Week Tag!

One tag down (ish) and two to go! I’m excited for this one! I was nominated by the fantastic Mirra @A Young Writer’s Dream. Check out her blog! Basically what I do is describe the days of the week like people!


She’s a girl with pale skin and dark hair. She has shiny black hair and stormy blue eyes. She is a bit scatterbrained and always losing things. She isn’t very popular.


Tuesday is a brunette. Her eyes are a kind green and she’s very helpful. She encourages people to get through anything. She isn’t beautiful, but she has a kind spirit.


Wednesday is a strange girl. She has lots of friends but always has her nose in a book. She’s very smart and a teacher’s pet.


Thursday is a great person. She is generous and, like Tuesday, is encouraging. She has red hair and is spunky.


Friday is a great person. She is popular and everyone loves her. She’s pretty. She is very tall and a bit chubby.


Saturday is the best person and is destined to be president. She is the most popular girl in school. She’s skinny, tall, blonde, and has bright blue eyes. She’s creative and fun.


Sunday is a quiet girl. She’s pretty and very nice. She helps everyone relax and take deep breaths. She’s very religious.

I nominate:



Mary Louise



*There wasn’t a specific number*




Okay, so two posts ago I told you I had a boyfriend. So, I’ll tell you about him.

His name is Books. He has pearly white pages teeth and a handsome cover face. He speaks confidently and has golden specks in his auburn hair. His eyes are a bright teal yet with a stormy tint. He lives in a town called Bookshelves and has many friends, such as Tuck Everlasting and Peter Pan . He is perfect for me and takes me everywhere. That is my boyfriend 🙂 ❤ and nobody can take him away.


I Have 3 Awards to Do

Yikes. Well, I’m not doing them now. I don’t want to, so there.

Here’s a lil update on me!

     I’m on the 2nd Harry Potter book. I have been on hold for it since early January, not kidding. Isn’t life fun?

     I finished Treasure Island and I’m watching the movie. Both are just not my type. Gosh, I sound like I’m dating books. Which I’m not doing. *Not after that breakup with the Narnia series* I mean… nothing.

     I began…. drumroll, pullleeasssee! Keeper of the Lost City ! So far I love it and have picked the right ship name (?) , Sophitz. Which is much better then Fosterkeefe. I’m a sucker for ship names and romance. Ah, the drama. I love thinking about romance during school. I mean… nothing.but anyways, they are great. I think I’m less confused.

     I ditched The 100 by Lass Morgan. I was so excited cause the cover was so AWESOME but then comes third chapter and here comes Mr. Bleepity bleep bleep with all the bad words. And seriously, a boy named Bellamy. That’s like two girl names stuck together for a boy. Weird.

     I sorta finished editing  Riley , my short story. I got through editor 1/2. Lez do this.

     I have officially decided something: all the boys at my school are creepy and I have no crush whatsoever on any of them. My clock is my witness, I haven’t eaten it. 

     I finished the Willow Falls series *cries* and nearly atey clock. The best friends (boy and girl, mind you) kissed. Seriously I died like so bad like like ASDJFKDKSJ AND NO BUT YES IT MUST HAPPEN BUT IT CANT YOU GUYS ARE BESTIES BUT NOW YOU’RE WAY FARTHER. Friend zone went like bye-bye and here comes boyfriend and girlfriend and my gosh I nearly ripped my pillow. I bit my clock (ow) and just died. I then got out of bed (I was listening to an audiobook, waiting for sleep) and jumped up and down (quietly so as not to wake anyone) but please I better stop. See, me and romance. You should NEVER be in the room with me when there’s romance or i, ug, yesterday I was reading something and then they held hands but someone was in the room. I shoved my face in the book and just went haywire. Ha, I love it.

     I am a Cover fashioner again! If five people are also Cover players, comment and tell me so I can make a house for us all, that’d be AWESOME! 

     I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE! Well, not really but maybe if I, aw, I don’t care enough.

     I have a boyfriend. Not kidding people. I seriously do, but you’ll never know who  *laughs evily…hey actually I literally can’t do that* . But really. Friday nights. No, but still.

     I’m almost ready to release Messy Bun!!! I will NEVAH EVAH forget Nancy Drew ❤❤