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nancydrewblogHello!   Welcome to the Nancy Drew blog. I am Rachel Vincent .  This blog will not only be about Nancy Drew, but about a lot of other books too.  I am going to be talking about the original Nancy Drew series, I know that they have tried to sort of recreate the books.  If you did not know, the books were written by lots of authors, though they all go under the pen name Carolyn Keene.  they were thought of by the author of the Hardy Boys and outlined by him too. Nancy Drew is an eighteen year old girl detective.  Her father, Carson Drew, is a lawyer, and she also has a housekeeper, Hannah Gruen.  Her mother died when she was three.  In all of the mysteries I have read so far ( except #1 and maybe #2, I can not remember) she goes on adventures with her best friends, two girls, Bess and George, who are cousins (not hers though). There is also her boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, who goes to Emerson college with Burt and Dave, Bess and George’s boyfriends.  There are other characters which I won’t mention now, but if you read the books, you will learn about them.   I like lots of books, which you’ll hear about also on this blog.  Goodbye for now!








Nine Thoughts on Feminism ft. A Special Announcement

What you’ve all been waiting for:::::::::::::::::
     Disclaimer:this Post is not meant to offend anyone. It is simply displaying MY personal views on the subject.

Thought Number One:

     I am not a feminist. Now you know. A LOT of ladies are. I don’t exactly understand why we need to be stronger, faster, or better than men. It’s not like they’ve been putting us down, that I know of. I know there are things like harassment and that is wrong. Believe me, I agree with that. But that isn’t feminism. That is something totally different. It may contribute towards feminism, but it is a total different cause, different thing to stand for.

Thought Number Two:

     Why are you a feminist? Do you feel like you are put down/ignored by men? Hey, wait, do you think they’re taking away something from you? Then think about this quote:

One woman’s beauty is not taking you own. 

Now let’s change it a bit:

One man’s strength is not taking your own.

Thought Number Three

     Why am I NOT a feminist? Well, it’s simple. I’m a Christian. There are many verses that say a woman is to be power than her husband. Not weaker, not dumber, but below in command. There is a commentary on Genisis that says

Woman was not made from the foot, as to be a servant, not from the head, to be over the man, but from the rib, to be cared for by the man.

Thought Number Five

     What I do when I see feminist posts. Nothing. I might read them, but I don’t comment, I don’t “like” ⭐them either. I just keep moving. People have views like that, so I don’t go saying: your wrong, you horrible feminist!!! This is unreal you are EVIL!!! No, and frankly I don’t even think that. We could say I agree to disagree.

Thought Number Six

Let’s say feminism-ness is on a line:


I’m that little dot right there. Where would you place yourself? I think about 5% of me is feminist, if that.

Thought Number Seven
     I saw a post on feminism and how in EVERY book the girl loves pink, is quiet, and really crafty. This IS NOT TRUE!! I can think of so many books not like this. If your read the book Patina (I think it’s by Jason Reynolds) you will see! Patina is a track runner. She strives to be faster. Not all girls are girly girls!

Thought Number Eight

 Is feminism bad?? This is a question I struggle with. I know that we shouldn’t be rebelling against man, but also there are times and places TO do so (ex. trafficking) but there are times to NOT be rebelling (ex. politics) I think a lot of girls are feminists to prove their worth. But it’s not like the boy’s going to have a baby on his own. We are important, as women. Are some people just missing the point?

Thought Number Nine

My last thought: What’s next with feminism?? Will girls become the rulers of the world? Will it fade out? I don’t know. I honestly don’t think women are better than men. I just want to say that. I don’t think that most men are trying to be “better” than us. But I don’t know. What do you think is best in feminism?

     And now for the special announcement!!!









Nancy Drew is getting redesigned!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaay!!! The wonderful Mukta will be redesigning Nancy Drew in December!! What an awesome Christmas present, right!!?! I’m so excited!!!

     What are your thoughts on feminism? Are you a feminist? Why or why not? How do you define a girly girl? Where would you place yourself on my “feminist line”? What do you think will happen with feminism? Are you excited for the blog redisgn?!?

Faith Elizabeth Blog Tour


     Since friendship is lit (haha, no but really) than I have a lot of friendships. I’m a very lit person 😎 (totes your goat 🐐) . Ahem. Anywhosies, I told one of my IRL besties I’d do a blog tour for her!! So here…


I hope you enjoyed this-nah, I’m kidding!! 

     Faith Elizabeth is kicking off her blog with a blog tour (which you, yes, YOU, can STILL sign up for!!) Faith Elizabeth is super lit (am I over using this word?) . She’ll be posting lifestyle-and she’s an avid DUDE PERFECT 😍😍😍 FAN!!! If you don’t know them then you’re practically signing your own death warrant. #coolchristianutubers Faithy Elizabeth (Faithee to me, and only ME) is my friend IRL. She’s super smart, cool, and awesome. And I like her clothes. Except for the fact that she likes Villanova (boo, hiss, boo) shes a pretty awesome girl!!

Whatcha waiting for-profit check out her blog!!


Kayln’s Klub!!

I’m part of a writing club, and this week the subject was puppies!! I am so excited to write a story!!

     I smile at the six puppies scrambling around me. I don’t know how to pick. I keep waiting for a sign-a lick, a nudge-that shows me which puppy I should choose. That’s what always happens in books.

  “Hurry up, Evy! Your sister is waiting in the car,” my mom calls from the counter where she’s signing papers and buying dog food.

    One puppy, the biggest rolls over, waiting for me to rub him. Another jumps around, yipping. I can’t decide, so u go the easy way. 

  “Einee, meenee, minee, Moe,” I begin. At the end of the rhyme I land one one puppy:the smallest, quietest one. She has long floppy ears just like her coonehound mother. 

  “Her!” I say, picking her up.

  “Good, now what will you name her?” The pet shop worker asks. 

  “Pandora, she looks so curious!” I say, hugging the puppy.

  “Good choice!!” My mom says, leading me out the door.

The End

Sorry it wasn’t very interesting!! I had a lot to do, so I scraped this up.

One Spot Left for Collab Blog!!

If you read my last post then you know I’m doing a collab blog (when a group of bloggers all blog together on one blog) and I’m accepting two other girls to do it with me!! I have chosen one, but I am waiting for someone else-is it you??

You must be age 11-17 and a girl. No swearing will be allowed, so…

I will be picking soon, as I’m impatient!! Hurry up and get you comment in!!

This Post May Be Vital to Survival!!


Guess what?




Okay are you done guessing?




.give up?





Okay good, now I can tell you. 




I am going to start…pause for effect
 *random picture of adorable taco*

A collab blog!! Yup!!

I am super excited! I am all ready except I think I’m missing something. Wait, I know! I’m missing collabers!!! 

I am asking for you-yes, YOU!! To collab with me!!

What do you have to do-


Must be 12 or older to be on here!

Must be in USA because of time zone!

Must have blogging expirience (at least one-two months) 

Must be a girl

Graphic expirience would be nice!!

Must not swear or post in appropriate content on this blog!!!

There will be two girls chosen at my discretion!

Goodbye and good luck! 


Hopefully you still ARE my peeps…so sorry!

Long story short my family decided on a last minute vacation to New York City (ahh, my birthstate) so I didn’t get to posting…whoops. Hopefully y’all will forgive me!

Yay!! We’re up!




It is very close!!!! Next post hopefully goes up on the 20th!!

So, the prompts! 

She jumped, feeling the fingers crawl up. She turned around, seeing the shadowy figure. She _________

Pounding feet echoed. Eerie screams. Creaking doors. Then, suddenly, darkness.

Cants wait to see what you come up with!

Sorry for such a hasty post!!