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Hey there y’all! I’m Rachel Vincent and I want to welcome you to my blog! I’m only a girl who loves books, cats, Jesus, and life. If you knew me you would probably say I’m just the blonde, blue-eyed girl who is averagely smart and loves laughing. I am obsessed with art and calligraphy, and reading is just the best for me. I’d love to show you guys some of my life, so enjoy!










Why It Can suck To Be a Lefty + Lefty Struggles

Hey guys! How are yall? I honestly have been so excited about this post and thinking about what I’ll write. I hope you guys enjoy, and let’s jump right in (because I just totally remembered how awful intros are) !


So if you didn’t know that I’m left handed then I totally understand, it’s not like I’m screaming my life onto every post I write…right??? Anyways, if you are a lefty then you probably understand everything right now and could click off of this post and click the follow button…yeah?

Alright, let’s get on to the first problem of being left-handed:

Getting Ink ALL OVER the Edge of Your Hand

I’m sure even the right-handers have this problem a bit but not WHENEVER YOU FLIPPING WRITE. You are just writing with your pencil or inky glitter pen when you look at the side of your hand, near you pinky finger, and it’s either blackened with led or purple from you ink, or a combination of the two, having built up from the day. The ink is all over your fingers and hand and nails and it looks awful.

     why are we so cursed in the writing world??



Smearing Everything You Write. Everything. No Exceptions. and this results in ink getting all over your hand. why. why. why. 

So my handwriting already isn’t beautiful, but it is definitely made worse by the fact that it is covered in ink splats! Calligraphy pages are marred in black smears and homework is messed up. Let’s not even talk about the whiteboard*! I sometimes have to write the homework up on a big whiteboard. I finish writing. I look back. All that I’ve written is smeared, mainly on the bottom. Everyone is like “seriously”.

*Says let’s not talk about it then precedes to do just that.

As you can understand, it sucks.


Bumping Elbows with the Person Sitting Next to You because your teacher didn’t realize what he’s doing PUTTING A LEFTY NEXT TO A RIGHTY…

Shoot, the desks at my school are all pushed up next to each other. I’m sometimes lucky enough to be put on the outside, having nobody on my left side, but other times I am pushed between two people and am constantly rubbing elbows. Not only does it cause me to make long stripes across the paper(ugh), but it can also cause me to inflict the same pain on them. SORRY! Yall I don’t know why God designed people to have different dominant hands (or why we aren’t all those spedecial ambidextrous peoples) but He has a plan (to make my handwriting suck?).


Getting Ink ALL over your hand and being laughed at and crying and being embarrassed


yayyyyy. Alright so I’ll put it out there that I am white. No I’m not racist yall. Sorta on the pale side during winter, so imagine how awful it is to randomly change skin color on the side of your hand and fingers. This can result in me becoming partially green or purple. Yay life. Image result for ink on hands





Being Mentally Abused Every Time You See Somebody Write Right-Handed

Oh my gooooooooossssh why are there so many righties??? Only a flipping 10% OF PEOPLE ARE LEFTIES (lefties unite!) HOOOWWW! Honestly though I can never watch somebody write with their right hand for too long because I AM SO CONFUSED at how they can do that likeeeee whaaaa? Does it confuse right handed people though? I’m not sure but maybe?? I have no idea but I do know that watching YouTubers handletter gives me a headache (they are all right-handed yeesh).


In Conclusion…

While researching and looking for pictures (yeah i did work for this post) I saw the thing I need. I want it. It would save my excuse of a life. It is my new love. It is the half-hand glove. Alas, I shall share it:

Image result for ink on hands

Smear guard, saves your hand from getting inky, if you want to send it to me that is awesome, is not disgustingly hideous (mostly). Please. Please Please. Thank you.

Anyways, comment below if you’re a lefty, if you are a righty, if you experience problems such as this, or if you are a spedecial ambidexterous person, I wanna know!

Love yall!!


Changes and New Phases

You have probably realized things are changing around here-i.e. the name i.e. the design i.e. the posts. I have decided on a brand new name, a brand new design and have gone to Mukta about it. I am so very excited and I hope you are too!

I am going to comb through my posts and probably delete some of the ones that I don’t feel contribute to this blog’s personality, so if you can’t find some there’s a reason. I will also probably be adding my own pictures to the photo gallery instead of ones that I chose when I was younger.

I know that I haven’t been here but I have been planning new posts that I think yall will like!

I am so ready to be back here and better than ever!


The Girl Who Owned a City (comic review)

Hey everyone!

I am always going through comic crazes where I have to read comic books all the time. Something about pictures underneath words is just the craziest, most exciting thing. It is just so much more different from a regular book!

Image result for the girl who owned a city comic

This book is based off of a normal book, published in 1975, which I haven’t read. This book was so exciting so I decided to review it!


The GIRL WHO OWNED A CITY is very LORD OF THE FLIES-esque. It’s fighting for your life because a virus has killed off all the adults in the world. You have to search for your own food and then defend it from the multiple gangs that are throughout the country. Lisa wants to fight for herself and Tod only when she realizes that all the other children can not survive on their own. Trying many times, she finally succeeds to make a place into a well-oiled machine, her very own city.


The main character was Lisa Nelson, who, with her brother Tod, and eventually children, friends, and gangs. The characters are all well developed, and Lisa often thinks to herself so you can really see what type of person she is.


The colors are so great and the drawing style is super great. The storyline is just drawn out perfectly. The emotions are totally shown in the panels and it’s not just square shaped panels!

Image result for the girl who owned a city comicPLOT

The plot is well done and not cliche. You can follow it but everything is unexpected. You don’t see everything coming and you don’t see the entirety of the story before you’ve made it past a few pages.


Image result for 4.5 stars


     Have you read this book? Are you planning to? Should I do more reviews?


The New Name (VOTE) (NEW ADDITIONS 8/02/19)

So it’s been circling around that the name of this blog will be changing (for def).  There are many reasons, the main one being that the topics I write about are not really related to Nancy Drew or even books as much as they once were. I am totally confused and have mixed feelings about this because this blog has always had the same name, so this is a big leap. This may also cause confusion in finding my blog, so I have decided to keep the URL the same in order to maintain recognizability and all my lovely little followers (you!). I am so excited about this change, but I, of course, can’t do it without your help and input!

Here are the names I came up with! I want your vote on which one is your favorite, and which you think describes this current blog! Suggestions for a blog name are also great, and appreciated!

Without further ado:::::::::::::

Rachel’s Ramblings

Lazy Girl (Life?)

Beautiful Books

Rachel’s Chapter



Dear Lovely

Forever Lovely

Whatever Forever

Whatever is Lovely



Dirty Blonde (though this could be misinterpreted)


Blondies and Bellbottoms

Forevs and Whatevs

I may find something new, and I may just choose one not based on your votes, but your help is most definitely wanted and hoped for! THANK YOU A MILLION!!


Problems and Changes


I have been going through so much over the past week (i.e. chipped teeth, sickness, broken computers) and so feel terrible, of course! I want to extend my sadness over the fact that I’ve totally broken promises, so I suck. But let’s get on with it.

The changes: The new blog tour dates are small and to the point. Three days.

FEBRUARY 15th- Gracie Marchiani @ Through the Eyes of Gracie

FEBRUARY 16th- Mukta A @ Born Free

FEBRUARY 17th- Ara @ Sparks of Ara

There is still time to sign up if you would like, and a HUMONGOUS thank y’all to Gracie, Mukta, and Ara! Y’all rock, and if these dates don’t work feel free to post another time (I of all people would understand!)


Now, the biggest change is that I am officially changing the name of this blog to something that fits its current self much more. Suggestions are completely welcome and appreciated!

That’s all, I’ve got to get back to homework (i.e. this stupid thing called Matrices (the stupidest thing since ever) and they suck)!


Nancy Drew Blog Tour!

Hey guys!!

So if you’re wondering where I’ve been it’s everywhere. I have been really busy (Midterms, gahh!) and Binge watching Survivor (so good) and also watching a ton of basketball (no comment). And then Christmas happened. So I have been unable to post, but enough with lame excuses.

I want to announce the first ever:

Oh, wait…I already did. The title. Uhmm.


whoop whoop!! yaaaaaaas i am so excited!! are you?

blog tour is a set amount of time, usually a week or two, in which s blog will be promoted across various websites and blogs. The dates are set in advance; each blog knows what material it will be posting, and the content should be unique to each blog.

I’ve noticed that the activity around ND has been a little low and that’s partly my fault for not posting for a long while. :/

     So to get up to the hype I am having my very own blog tour! Wanna join?

Use this form!


Thank you so much!!!

I will be emailing out a schedule to everyone and also posting links for participant’s blogs (aka free publicity!)

Your post can be about anything, really, such as your favorite posts or what you like about this blog

(ehrm, nothing)

And as a surprise:

Well, this has been a crazy post!

Thanks everyone for all your support and over 300 followers! I am so happy, thanks! 🙂


The Ransom pt. 5

Ransom Chapter 5

I knew right away that escaping would be one of the hardest things that I would ever do. Trying to escape with more people would either make it easier or a million times harder. I looked around the cafeteria and at the ten guards that were stationed there. Impossible. I had no idea how we planned to get out, but I had heard of Mel’s crazy smart ideas of escape. I recognized her because she had worked next to me a few months ago. She was quiet, but I guess she had been thinking.

I led Mel over to the table and introduced her to Merik, Zielle, and Romeo. She gave a small, shy smile and sat down. I told the table that she was going to help us escape. I explained that Mel was really smart and would help us plan our escape. Mel just nodded at us all.

“Well, what’s the plan,” Merik asks, clearly ready to leave. I’m not sure he has much faith in Mel.

“I’ve got it,” Mel exclaims, looking around at the guards. who just stare around the room with no excitement.