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nancydrewblogHello!   Welcome to the Nancy Drew blog. I am Rachel Vincent .  This blog will not only be about Nancy Drew, but about a lot of other books too.  I am going to be talking about the original Nancy Drew series, I know that they have tried to sort of recreate the books.  If you did not know, the books were written by lots of authors, though they all go under the pen name Carolyn Keene.  they were thought of by the author of the Hardy Boys and outlined by him too. Nancy Drew is an eighteen year old girl detective.  Her father, Carson Drew, is a lawyer, and she also has a housekeeper, Hannah Gruen.  Her mother died when she was three.  In all of the mysteries I have read so far ( except #1 and maybe #2, I can not remember) she goes on adventures with her best friends, two girls, Bess and George, who are cousins (not hers though). There is also her boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, who goes to Emerson college with Burt and Dave, Bess and George’s boyfriends.  There are other characters which I won’t mention now, but if you read the books, you will learn about them.   I like lots of books, which you’ll hear about also on this blog.  Goodbye for now!








By now you have most likely heard of Starbucks’s newest drink, the Unicorn frappichino. I’m so excited to be getting one today, the last day it’s available. What it does is change color. You heard me. When you stir it it changes color, over and over again. No way, right? 

It inspired me, of course, to write a poem!


Jumping over rainbow,

Jumping over cloud,

Landing on nothing though,

Floats the unicorn so proud,
She floats in the sky like a soaring bird,

Her horn protruding out,

Not an evil word,

Not a nasty shout,

Could take the Unicorn to the ground,

The Unicorn with her happy face,

The Unicorn with her comforting sound,

The Unicorn with hairs as white as lace,

The Unicorn in all her glory,

Lies in my imagination,

Not just from the tale or story,

In a whole new nation,

And on her back sits me.


This is my ideas and And thoughts, none of it is sponsored.


I just got more followers!!

How in da world? I just got word new followers within two.minutes of each other, three if you count one from a half hour ago. This is amazing! I have over 85 followers, this morning I had 80! This is super awesome.

     I’m sorry about all the excitement posts, but hey! I’m so close to 100 followers I can taste, smell, and hear it. I’m preparing my 100 follower thing as of now.

Get ready!

Say Whaaa?!?


So you probably already know by the cheesy title. Yeah, I hit a checkpoint in follower-ing-people-stuff. 80 followers. Unreal! I hit 70*pauses and thinks* six days ago. That’s about two per day!!This is 20 away from 100, people. 1-0-0. Gosh, that’s close! Can anyone give me ideas for 100 follower things, other than giveaways?

     I am probably following around 85% of my followers. The other 15% I’m not following for a reason. They are: (1)I don’t read their stuff. I was following a great blog…For other people. I wasn’t needing advice or anything, and they were posting like this, so I followed. (2) They use bad words. Umm, no thanks. (3) They post about bad things. I have someone following me who blogs about their support of gay. They write about it. I Think homosexuality is wrong, so I didn’t follow. 

Is this okay? Is it okay not to follow these people? I think yes. I have a right to what comes up in my reader. I read my people’s posts, so I shouldn’t have to see bad words every time I open reader.

Thank you for your undying support and love! I can’t believe I got to 80!! In such short a time too! I wonder what’ll happen at 90…

And today is Earth Day, a sorta holiday. I actually didn’t remember till I saw everyone’s nice posts!

Happy Earth Day!

The Writer’s Ink Challenge!

It is absolutely no secret that writers (including moi) looooooove to talk about their writing and/or themselves.

And with the Writer’s Ink Challenge, we can do just that!

I was nominated…ish by May @Foreverly and Everly for this challenge, hooray!

The Rules which I shall follow diligently:

  • Thank your nominator(s)
  • Answer at least 8 questions about writing
  • Nominate at least 5 people

The Questions, which I will answer with joy:

  • When did you first start writing?

I started writing in kindergarten or 1st grade. Everyone was given a little notebook, and in a year I quickly filled up four! I loved writing about this duckling named Splash and his friend Daffodil. They had to escape from the garage of an evil trapper. He always had the door closed, but one day they hopped into his trunk and were taken back to the pond. Oh, and evil trapper man fed them once a month. 🙂

Have you always been interested in writing?

Well, I started reading in Pre-K but really started writing a bit later.

  • Why do you like writing?

Don’t ask a writer this.

I love writing because I can express. I can put me down on paper with a different name. I can tell people that on the planet Saturn the rings are roads and everyone drives a bright red truck. I can write whenever and write down the stupidest things.

I love this quote by John Green:

Writing is something you do alone. It’s a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don’t want to make eye-contact while doing it.

Amazingly true! I mean, this kinda goes against one of the following questions, but SO TRUE. Writer’s are quite often quiet introverts!

  • What genre do you write in?

Did they say genre. As in single form. Rookie mistake, people, rookie mistake.

I write in:


A long time ago…


  • Who or what motivates you to write?

I feel like I’ve said this before. Mainly, other writers. When I read somebody’s story I’m like: yeah! Or contests. Yeeessss!! Also family and friends and all but everyone knows that.

  • Do you write poetry?

Yes, some. I have written some mystery poetry on my blog, but sometimes I’ll write other poems.

  • Have you ever written a story with a friend?

See, contradicts my thoughts! But yes, I have.

  • How do you write your stories (first person or third person, past tense or present tense?

At first I was a third person past tense freak. Slowly I did a bit of past tense first person. Then I read the Mother Daughter Book Club (Heather Vogel) and it was weird. The book was written in first person present. Like: I jump. It was so weird. I found I could write like this, and once found I couldn’t go back! I’m okay now, whew! 😀

  • **BONUS QUESTION** Where do you see yourself writing-wise in one month? One year? Ten years?

In a month: I hope to have worked more on Riley, editing wise.

One year: I hope to have written lots more short stories.

Ten Years: Hopefully still having a passion for writing and having written another book.

I have cometh to the endeth of my journeyeth.

I have fun doing these types of tags!

I nominate:





Go do it now, and send me the linkedylink!

The Prettiest Pens Writing Contest (Part Four)

Alright, time for round two of…PosterHooray…hehehe…yeah.

No new sign ups. That is okay…yeah, uh-huh.

Signing up is still an option! Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Okay, lemme move on! The teams (and the people who are on them. Let me remind you, there are FIVE!!!







Mary Louise (no)

Cupcakegirl10 (no)

Izzypopcorn (no)

Points: 34


Volcana Shard (no)

Samanthadolls (no)

Points: 5

Thanks Canva for providing these awesome animals and your amazing graphic design website!

That was sad…wow. Wowowowowowoowow. Yeah, rules and stuff are on here.

Nobody did it. There will be one more round after this, since people are forgetting 😦 .

I have never done anything unpredictable, but that changed today when I woke up, packed a bag, went to the airport and randomly bought a ticket to __________.
I didn’t plan to be a superhero…

In an ironic twist, a dog really ate your homework. When you try to explain this to your teacher she says, “Come on, you can do better than that excuse.” Instead of arguing, you take that as a challenge and come up with an elaborate story as to what happened to your homework.

(credit: Brian A. Kelms)

Due date: 4/30/17


So. Darn. Excited!!!

I’m doing this fun tag called…Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 2.56.41 PM.png

credit April McLauren*

I was nominated by April McLauren for this super fun tag. Go read her version, it’s hilarious. I’ve deemed her hilariously awesome, as she asked 😉 . Okay, lez go!

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 3.11.09 PM.png

Most Expensive/Most Inexpensive Book

Man, I get books as gifts, not presents. I don’t ask the price but…

Expensive: for $20, the prize goes to…Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J. K. Rowling. I did a review on this book not too long ago. I just recently watched the movie! (Fun fact, 2 of my (Harry Potter fan) friends watched it the same day as me!! They explained it a bit to me, that was UBER helpful!

Inexpensive: My free Nancy Drew book that I got from a neighbor. It was #1 and it encouraged me to read more. Hence the blog!

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 3.30.50 PM

(anyone else notice that this says “sin one” as well?)

Which author do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Hmmm. Maybe Harper Lee. Her (it’s a she…I had to look it up…) because To Kill a Mockingbird  probably coulda been a cleaner (bad words) book. A six year old is already calling her teacher a bad name. Seriously? Still, it’s a good book.

Or J. K. Rowling. Why would you end the Harry Potter series. Thought they were givin’ you big bucks. Guess not, dum buttface author who could’ve been richer than she is. Scuse me for a sec…

I’m back!

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 5.02.18 PM.png

Guilty Pleasure Read

Oh, goodness no. Okay, confession time. Sometimes I read the Boxcar Children. Or A to Z Mysteries. I started reading books by Andrew Clements (Hey, April likes ’em too!)Sometimes I’ll pull out a Puppy Place. *sighs in self disappointment*. Yes, I solve the mysteries before they do, but *gets aggressive* sorry! Okay, live with it! DWI-DEAL WITH IT-. I can read my baby books and you read you War and Peace (Leo Tolstoy). Okay…calm down. Don’t say nothin’ about the NOT FUNNY post I’m planning…

Lez move on from this.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 5.43.24 PM.png

What book haven’t you read due to laziness?

I don’t really know. I have a books to read list but I’m not procrastinating.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 6.09.15 PM


What book do you talk about most to make it sound like you know all the secrets?

Like April, books with gigantruam words, or the fact that I was reading before pre-school. I remember in 2nd grade bragging about one of the Geronimo Stilton Kingdom of Fantasy books because it was thhiiiiissss thick in less than two days. Hey, I was very proud of myself.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 6.15.23 PM.png


what attributes do you find attractive in a character?

I don’t understand.  Yeah, that’s right.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 6.21.04 PM.png


What book would you like as a gift if you were broke (like me)

Me is April, FYI. I have nine dollars. Not broke at allllll!

I would probably either want the entire Harry Potter series. If it was a single book…oh, Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George. Love that book. SO. MUCH!


I doth bestow upon the following the honor of this honoring tag!

I nominate:











and somebody else…how about…you!