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Hey there y’all! I’m Rachel Vincent and I want to welcome you to my blog! I’m only a girl who loves books, cats, Jesus, and life. If you knew me you would probably say I’m just the blonde, blue-eyed girl who is averagely smart and loves laughing. I am obsessed with art and calligraphy, and reading is just the best for me. I’d love to show you guys some of my life, so enjoy!










The Beginning of the Truth or Dare ERA!

Hey y’all

Okay so this is unrelated but I’m actually not southern!

Cowboy Dancing GIF

yes I know not all southern people are cowboys 😉

I just have a slight addiction to saying y’all. Is that all right with y’all or should I just say “Hey You!”? Cause that sounds like I have no idea what your name is, which is, like, obviously nooot true. Yup. Also, y’all has kinda turned into my thing. Yeehaa! *cringe*


As a kid (okat tbh it was last week) I loved playing Truth or Dare. Honestly you can’t get much better than a game where you are forced to say or do something that could definitely kill you! Ahh, the joys of childhood! I would play this game for hours with my friends because how else are we supposed to bond? Friendship bracelets you say? Does chevron SOUND like something I could do!


Image result for heck no gif

Don’t know what chevron is? It’s heck. the sudden death round of friendship bracelets. Say goodbye to the sweet days where a nice simple braid of three strings was acceptable!


Truth or Dare has always been a “fun” pastime where you basically figure out your friends’ crushes and then dare them into doing something weird to the crush. Such good kind fun, right?dividerver2

I want to share my most joyful pastime with you guys, so that’s why, instead of the “comment prompt” I’ll be providing a truth and a dare. You may choose which one you like and in the comments (oh crap so this is still a comment prompt) you can answer the truth or tell what happened when you did the dare. Feel free to also add all your overly kind, sappy comments along with it! Or hate. Whatever floats your goat!

Let’s kick this off!

Truth:                                                     Dare:

What is your favorite type of book?                                  I dare you to write YOLO on                                                                                                                 your hand and show it to the next                                                                                                     person you see.




Hey yall!

Comin’ at you with a quick post to give you the link to a great new blog! I’ve met the author in real life and she is honestly so spectacular and nice! Go check out her blog at Ramblings of Lindin 

Make sure to leave a follow, you won’t regret it! She has the most amazing aesthetic and her book pictures are so unbelievably awesome and professhhhh. I’m obsessed. Join the obsession!

Much love,


Hey guys! Since my blog is changing, I want to give you a quick post so that you have input into this!

I haven’t been very happy with my profile picture as of late, and want you guys to vote on the new one! I have some options for y’all!

  1. Female Artwork
  2. image.pngVector Designed By Copyright owner:千图网 from  <a href=”https://pngtree.com/freepng/hand-drawn-beautiful-long-haired-girl-back-character-design_4071171.html“></a>(used with permission as long as credit is given)
  3.  I would probably crop this to just the face 🙂


Feel free to leave a comment as to which you enjoy the most!

my blog (why does this come up so much)

Hey, children of other people!

This is probably my 6th post this year on this topic (but I just finished the craziest book ever (ahhhhh) and so you can expect a post (ahhh again).

So my blog. Heh. Heh. Heh……. Anyways. So you know I’m doing a total redo of my blog (name/colors/ myself/etc.) so you’re probably just tapping your fingers on the table in a very ASMR manner (that video though), waiting for me to get a move on. *let’s get out with it rachel!*

Okay, so I’m having my blog done by the pros (aka Mukta @Born Free)   and I’ve been working with her on that (lemme tell you, it’s looking beayoooootiful). She is currently on a break right now though, so I decided I should tell you (but please, continue with the ASMR-I find it hilarious, no offense) .

I just wanted to let ya’ll know. But I decided to treat y’all to a little preview, I mean, why not 🙂 .

And here. the moment. the excitement.




I feel like I needed to share that joy with you. I laughed a little too hard.








…….No I didn’t just enter summer and look up lots of graduation memes 😉








Okay. I shared it. (no i didnt intentionally choose that one whaaaaa??) That is the tiniest taste of it (there is pink. Yes, always pink-it makes everything look pretty). I am so excited for this design to come out!!


Hope y’all are enjoying your weather, whatever season it is. Also, if you guys have Christmas in summertime, do you have no school in the winter? The thought just occurred (okay…I’ve been thinking about this for a while now) and I really want to know!

Please exit Rachel’s Weird Brain to your right and enjoy your day!


P.S did ya like the design? 🙂

PPS. There was trouble seeing the images-is it fixed?

Summer Poem

With summer on it’s way, I got some inspiration from all the beautiful weather. Hope you enjoy the poem!


Brightness of the sun,

Splashing in the pool,

Friends laughing,

Waves crash,

Sand sticking,

Warmth of the wind,

Having all the time,

Everything happening,

World shines,

Life loved.

Have you enjoyed summer so far? Which is your favorite season? I LOVE SUMMER (it’s also my birthday season :))



My Life in T-Shirts

Hey everyone!
What’s up? If you don’t know me you soon will. I have a lot of RANDOM mannerisms and sayings and found some shirts that REALLY encompass me.  Let’s do this! (BTW I’m working on a new blog design with Mukta so that’s been sucking away my life)
dividerver2#1 Image result for whatever floats your goat shirt I actually find this one cute and that is my legit catchphrase. I say it sooo much!


Image result for thanks for putting up with a spoiled sibling shirtThe message, amiright?

Image result for funny tshirtsIf you didn’t know, gato means cat in Spanish. Me, loving cats and guac, loves this shirt.

Related image This is hilarious!!!!


Related imageYeeeeeeees yeeeeeeees yeeeeeeeees

Image result for tall funny shirts Wearing this and my friends being angry for the rest of eternity because, well, I’m tall.


Image result for math t shirtMy friend 

owns this and I want to steal it and never give it back. Likeeeee pllleeeeaaaaseeee!








That’s all! I hope that gives and insight into who I am! Which shirt was your favorite? I can’t choose, they are all so awesome!


Why It Can suck To Be a Lefty + Lefty Struggles

Hey guys! How are yall? I honestly have been so excited about this post and thinking about what I’ll write. I hope you guys enjoy, and let’s jump right in (because I just totally remembered how awful intros are) !


So if you didn’t know that I’m left handed then I totally understand, it’s not like I’m screaming my life onto every post I write…right??? Anyways, if you are a lefty then you probably understand everything right now and could click off of this post and click the follow button…yeah?

Alright, let’s get on to the first problem of being left-handed:

Getting Ink ALL OVER the Edge of Your Hand

I’m sure even the right-handers have this problem a bit but not WHENEVER YOU FLIPPING WRITE. You are just writing with your pencil or inky glitter pen when you look at the side of your hand, near you pinky finger, and it’s either blackened with led or purple from you ink, or a combination of the two, having built up from the day. The ink is all over your fingers and hand and nails and it looks awful.

     why are we so cursed in the writing world??



Smearing Everything You Write. Everything. No Exceptions. and this results in ink getting all over your hand. why. why. why. 

So my handwriting already isn’t beautiful, but it is definitely made worse by the fact that it is covered in ink splats! Calligraphy pages are marred in black smears and homework is messed up. Let’s not even talk about the whiteboard*! I sometimes have to write the homework up on a big whiteboard. I finish writing. I look back. All that I’ve written is smeared, mainly on the bottom. Everyone is like “seriously”.

*Says let’s not talk about it then precedes to do just that.

As you can understand, it sucks.


Bumping Elbows with the Person Sitting Next to You because your teacher didn’t realize what he’s doing PUTTING A LEFTY NEXT TO A RIGHTY…

Shoot, the desks at my school are all pushed up next to each other. I’m sometimes lucky enough to be put on the outside, having nobody on my left side, but other times I am pushed between two people and am constantly rubbing elbows. Not only does it cause me to make long stripes across the paper(ugh), but it can also cause me to inflict the same pain on them. SORRY! Yall I don’t know why God designed people to have different dominant hands (or why we aren’t all those spedecial ambidextrous peoples) but He has a plan (to make my handwriting suck?).


Getting Ink ALL over your hand and being laughed at and crying and being embarrassed


yayyyyy. Alright so I’ll put it out there that I am white. No I’m not racist yall. Sorta on the pale side during winter, so imagine how awful it is to randomly change skin color on the side of your hand and fingers. This can result in me becoming partially green or purple. Yay life. Image result for ink on hands





Being Mentally Abused Every Time You See Somebody Write Right-Handed

Oh my gooooooooossssh why are there so many righties??? Only a flipping 10% OF PEOPLE ARE LEFTIES (lefties unite!) HOOOWWW! Honestly though I can never watch somebody write with their right hand for too long because I AM SO CONFUSED at how they can do that likeeeee whaaaa? Does it confuse right handed people though? I’m not sure but maybe?? I have no idea but I do know that watching YouTubers handletter gives me a headache (they are all right-handed yeesh).


In Conclusion…

While researching and looking for pictures (yeah i did work for this post) I saw the thing I need. I want it. It would save my excuse of a life. It is my new love. It is the half-hand glove. Alas, I shall share it:

Image result for ink on hands

Smear guard, saves your hand from getting inky, if you want to send it to me that is awesome, is not disgustingly hideous (mostly). Please. Please Please. Thank you.

Anyways, comment below if you’re a lefty, if you are a righty, if you experience problems such as this, or if you are a spedecial ambidexterous person, I wanna know!

Love yall!!