Top Five Tuesdays


    *In gameshow host voice US ng hairbrush as microphone* Welcome to the first edition of Top Five Tuesdays! First up for my top five: Nancy Drew !

*In regular voice* Alrighty, my top 5 ND books are…

  1. The Secret of the Old Clock
  2. Mystery at Lilac Inn 
  3. The Glowing Eye
  4. The Hidden Staircase
  5. The Thirteenth Pearl

Those are my top five Nancy Drew books !

*In game show host voice*

Thank you for tuning in for the first episode of Top Five Tuesdays! 

😊 Rachel 😊


2 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesdays

  1. I started reading throught the nancy drew books a few years ago and I got through about a dozen and I kind of gave up.. But I think I remember a few of the ones you mentioned! I think I should probably give them another go sometime! ~Julia ❤

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