The Sisterhood of the World Award

I was nominated by Lucky for this award, thanks Lucky!

Okay, there weren’t any rules, really. But it looked like it was answer ten questions, give ten questions, and pick ten nominees!

How many dolls do you have?

5 dolls, including on American Girl!

If everything was free for 5 mins at AG what would you get?

Everything! Okay, if it was one thing: a doll!

Do you have any pets?

Yes, a cat named Willbur…there’s a picture on this post!

Favourite flower?

Zinnias are so pretty, with roses as a close second…or maybe orchids. Super pretty!!!!

Favourite colour?


Tenney or Gabriella?

I have to say Tenney is really cute, and it’s really hard, but Tenney wins!

Favourite Movie?

UUUhhh, The Lion King

Favourite musical Artist/ Band?

Taylor Swift or Imagine Dragons or the Score or OneRepublic…hehe 😉 !

Favourite author?

Jessica Day George

Favourite Book?

I think people know, Tuesdays at the Castle, I made a post about it a LONG time ago, right here!


Alright, time for my questions and nominees!



Izzy (I know your blog’s private, but you can still do it!)


Megan (A Barefoot Gal)


Tessa Shaw





My questions:

How long have you been blogging?

What’s your pet peeve?

When did you last have a new follower?

What college do you want to go to/where did you go?

What’s the longest thing you’ve written?

Are you an introvert of extrovert?

How far have you gone from home?

Do you listen to your conscience?

What’s your favorite color?

Find a picture of your favorite outfit and show us!

Alrighty, bye!











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